It's up to you to create jobs in 2013...


Improving your products...

It takes courage...
and projection
Fondo Arbol Rotulo Arbol

Getting out of your security zone...

Go alternative!
Fondo rodolfo PapaNoel Reno PapaNoel

Selling at the right price...

And the price
of myrrh is... what
was myrrh again?

Connecting, collaborating, sharing...,

This thing about
Coca-Cola formula is
really outdated

Do something positive early in the day...

Or not so early. Or even late.
But do it...
Checklist Lapiz

Eat fruits and vegetables...

And don't forget to
take your supervitamins
and superminerals!
There is so much to do.
And it's in our hands...
Feliz Navidad